About me

I’m a Software Developer from Stuttgart, Germany.

I’m currently working on creating software, love typing on mechanical keyboards and print stuff in 3D. I also make storage solutions and upgrade for boardgames, these can be found at boardgameprints.com.

Over the years i started a lot of projects, some of them I’m still interested in, others i deserted.. Here i gathered all the information into one place. Enjoy.

Coding: C#.NET, Python, JavaScript, Swift
Frameworks: .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Angular, Arduino, iOS SDK and a lot more
Tools: OSX, Fedora Linux, git, VSCode, GTD, vim, bash/zsh, docker, …


All my projects are open source and can be found on GitHub.

Started, deserted, maybe continued some time in the future
 – korii – a modest web RSS reader powerd by .NET Core
korbo – C# IRC Bot

– WikiCore – modest, small and fast Wiki featuring MarkDown editing written in .NET Core MVC.

– IsaacItems – iOS App to learn about the effects of items in the game “Binding of Isaac”
– edgeIt – JavaScript Web App which edges many lines of text on both sides
– Weather Station – Arduino powered outdoor and indoor weather measurements

Projects i contribute to
– Octoprint – 3D-Printer controller and Web-Interface
– philly – A fork of a python IRC-Bot
– Fedora Linux – Copr packages i build for Fedora